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マルチ / Marcsika
17 June 2020 @ 07:45 pm
"Hivatásos Gyilkosnak Szadista Férj jár!" ~ by AL.
"Gackt az Istenem, de Ryoizmus a vallásom ;P"

"Eito is her sunshine, RyoPi is her NO.1 drug, YokoRyo is the second,
Ryo is her serious eternal addicton,
Supernatural is her shattered bleeding soul,
Teen Wolf is her awesome guilty pleasure, Star Trek is her entire galaxy,
and she is an eccentric!rainbow, who is often moody,
and sometimes wears a lot of gray stripes."

Wanna be friends? Drop a comment here, or else I won't add you!
Random? Yes, I love it, when I'm fangirling.
But NOT in friends!adding~

marcsi568 Nishikido Ryo

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